Scary Russian, mad cabs and floating lights – Bem-vindo ao Rio!

Gees these backbacks are heavy! About to head to Heathrow

Nine thousand kilometres, four movies and several head-jerky naps and we have finally arrived in Rio…

Stumbling bleary-eyed through customs with our hefty backpacks in tow, the vision of Diego the driver clutching a sign bearing our names was a welcome sight after the eleven-hour flight, next to a grumpy Russian man who gave Phil’s friendly chat a frosty reception.

The blast of warm air hits us as we make our way to the waiting car and my jeans, trainers and polo neck attract amused glances from the queueing taxi drivers.

I get excited when Diego seems to understand the few words of Portuguese I’ve tried to learn, but quickly deflated after realising I can’t understand a word of what he’s replying.

Our journey to the small hostel in Copacabana which we’ll be calling home for the next few days was pretty hair-raising.

After ten minutes of speeding along the motorways, flashing other drivers out the way and swerving between busy lanes like The Stig on acid, Diego takes it upon himself to ask where we are going.

He then pokes his head out the window en route to ask taxi drivers and moped riders which direction he should head in, finally speeding past the hostel before reversing back down the one-way street to reach its door.

But at least we made it, and we head out to a small streetside cafe to grab a tasty meat-filled pastry and cold drink to celebrate.

Swathes of twinkling lights, some of which glow ethereally in mid-air as they sit atop the area’s famous mountains, give just a hint of what the Cidade Maravilhosa will look like in daylight…SC


About travellingtoothbrushes

We are a couple of journalists with restless toothbrushes. Our teeth scrubbers seem unable to leap out of their respective washbags to take up a permanent residency on the bathroom shelf. So, we've decided to let them live the way they want to and take them on a trip around South America...
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2 Responses to Scary Russian, mad cabs and floating lights – Bem-vindo ao Rio!

  1. Dave says:

    Glad to hear you arrived in one piece, well just about by the sounds of it!

    Just checking in and saying keep us posted on your adventures.

    I wonder how long the toothbrush puns are going to last? I hope they never end!!

    Take care.


    • Davidio! Cheers for stopping by and taking the time to read!! Yes will def keep you posted – Phil is beavering away on the latest update as I write (it features, in no particular order, walking, Sophie moaning about blisters, two
      men from Brasilia and dangerous waters..)
      Lots of love and caipirinhas to you bothxx
      ps Puns? I don’t know what you’re talking about. We’re just bristling with ideas for the future…:-)

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