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Turtle power! The plight of the Hawksbill hatchlings

The warm sea water rushes in over my feet and I stand frozen to the spot, aware that any sudden moves could result in an eco-conservation disaster. As the wave subsides, a small dark brown blob resurfaces and I breathe … Continue reading

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A National Treasure: Trekking in Chapada Diamantina

A freezing wind rushes through the narrow gap in the small cave, whipping rain against my exposed leg as a thick fog descends a few metres away. Cursing having volunteered to sleep on the outside, I huddle inwards and make … Continue reading

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The Brazilian whose ‘heart and soul are English’

Admittedly the sight of a Union Jack hanging over the sofa is unexpected, a small gesture of goodwill to new guests from England, perhaps? Throwing an acknowledging smile in our host’s direction, I watch him pick up the flag and … Continue reading

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Entranced by a Candomblé ceremony in its birthplace, Bahia

The hypnotic sound of the drums and singing stirs the group of people dressed in white into a slow, rhythmic shuffle around the room. Bemused by the unfamiliar ritual we turn to ask our guide, Luis, a question, only to … Continue reading

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Battling to restore cocoa production on the “Cocoa Coast”

With its regular rainfalls and high temperatures, Bahia boasts the perfect natural climate for cocoa production. But two decades ago Brazil’s chocolate plantations all but melted away. An outbreak of the fungus Witches’ Broom swept through the country’s 90,000 km sq … Continue reading

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Hanging out at one of the World’s only sloth sanctuaries

Through the long shadows of the Atlantic rainforest’s tall trees, a chalky face gradually comes into view… Clinging to its surrogate human mother it looks like the result of some impossible union between an Ewok and ET. Like its science fictional parents … Continue reading

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The amazing bins of Ilhéus

The streets are nearly deserted as I gleefully photograph my eighth litter bin of the day. After arriving in the town of Ilhéus late on Friday night, a nose around a colourful cathedral appeared to have exhausted all possible things … Continue reading

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