A bridge too far?


‘Hey Basil, do you know a good dentist who can make a bridge for this?’

So our paste-y owners finally let us out to catch some x-rays on our bristles today.

Kate and I have to be very careful when we are in the Sunsodyne because our whitening skin is very sensitive.

We were a little Crest-fallen when when an aquafresh water river seemingly blocked our root (canal).

Fortunately the friendly Colgate-keeper offered to give us a flou-ride across to the other side of the river mouth.

The cheeky chops tried to rinse us of all our money, it would have made a big dent(ist) in our (taste bud) get.

Anyway, must go, off to watch the local samba band – it’s drill night,



About travellingtoothbrushes

We are a couple of journalists with restless toothbrushes. Our teeth scrubbers seem unable to leap out of their respective washbags to take up a permanent residency on the bathroom shelf. So, we've decided to let them live the way they want to and take them on a trip around South America...
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2 Responses to A bridge too far?

  1. Jo Ind says:

    I managed to read the whole of this post without so much as a smile – until I got to “tartar” and that made me laugh out loud. Pah!

  2. Lieske says:

    Phil(in) you’re a loon

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