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Ode To Manaus

“That tree? That’s…erm..jungle tree,” Manoel eventually musters, as he paddles us along in the canoe. Did he just say “jungle tree”? I thought our guide was supposed to be well-versed in the secrets of the rainforest’s flora and fauna. It … Continue reading

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What a (small) load of Croc

It’s when our tiny wooden canoe runs aground for the second time that I start to get a bit worried. Here we are, deep inside an Amazonian swamp in the dead of night, hoping to spot a caiman. The caiman … Continue reading

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Chilling with the girls in Glam-azonia

With delicate expertise, the glossy-haired Cricia carefully applies a second coat of dark green polish to my now scrubbed, trimmed, filed and beautifully buffed fingernails. Then she gets up and shoos a squawking chicken out through the wooden door. For … Continue reading

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Rugby player tries to play footie with Brazilians

“Do you play?” inquires Pedrinho. “Sort of,” I offer. “I have an unusual style.” I decide not to elaborate further. More detail about my limited, rugby-esque, head down, rarely pass, commit-lots-of-fouls football technique surely wasn’t necessary at this stage. “The … Continue reading

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Fang-k goodness we made it to the Amazon…

Greetings humans, This week we have mostly been admiring the glorious waters of the Tapajós River, which empties into the Amazon, from our wooden hut on stilts by its beach. The bathroom’s in another small hut about 50 metres away though, … Continue reading

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The German in the jungle

An irritatingly loud voice abruptly jars me from my hammock dozing: “WO IST MEINE ZAHNBÜRSTE?” Gerd decides 3am is the perfect time to shine his lighthouse-strength head torch at my face – presumably to check I haven’t stashed his precious toothbrush … Continue reading

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