Fang-k goodness we made it to the Amazon…

toothbrush pic amazon view
Greetings humans,

This week we have mostly been admiring the glorious waters of the Tapajós River, which empties into the Amazon, from our wooden hut on stilts by its beach.

The bathroom’s in another small hut about 50 metres away though, so come nightfall our owners have to trudge across the sand and try to avoid stepping on the toads.

Tough work scrubbing their mouths as the gritty yellow manioc flour they eat with everything here always gets stuck between their gnashers.

Still, Basil’s resulting frizzy bristles are quite funny to look at.


K & B


About travellingtoothbrushes

We are a couple of journalists with restless toothbrushes. Our teeth scrubbers seem unable to leap out of their respective washbags to take up a permanent residency on the bathroom shelf. So, we've decided to let them live the way they want to and take them on a trip around South America...
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One Response to Fang-k goodness we made it to the Amazon…

  1. Pete says:

    Try Macleans freshmint.

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