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Waxing lyrical about Salento

Hands, nose and ears chilly after an hour-and-a-half hike through thick mud, babbling brooks and over bridges formed of giant laid-out tree trunks in the midst of Colombia’s beautiful Cocora Valley and I was, as ever, ready for a hot … Continue reading

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Clay, metal, beer, gunpowder… Surely the greatest pub game ever invented?

I fear pool won’t quite cut it for me anymore, for I have experienced the incredible Colombian bar sport of Tejo… “There’s only one place in town where you can play it,” says our jovial hostel owner Hemmie. “But they … Continue reading

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A cathedral made of salt?

Unless I’m sleeping in it, I’m really not a big fan of the dark. And unless I’m hiding from a mass murderer I’m really not too fussed about confined spaces either. So being told that I have to crawl 20 … Continue reading

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Anthem for the most confusing transport map in the world: The Transmilenio in Bogotá

In the late 20th century the powers that be in Colombia decided to build a new transportation system in Bogotá to try make getting around a bit easier for the good folk living in this sprawling city and to reduce the pressure … Continue reading

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Dogs? Horses? In Bogotá try guinea pigs

“…And next up we have Muñeca, a gorgeous grey renowned for her speed and agility…” The baseball-capped commentator’s voice booms out through the microphone as the small crowd gathered around follow his gaze down towards the tarmac. A couple of metres … Continue reading

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The one about Colombia and cocaine…

Cocaine put Colombia on the World radar. From the mid to late 1970s, exports of the white stuff took off after celebrities in the US and Europe made the drug ‘cool’. The country was first to react to the sudden increase in … Continue reading

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The boy, the body and the buddies

Our trip to the town of Mompós has not disappointed. Its relaxed setting and beautifully preserved Spanish colonial architecture, brimming with wooden-doored houses and bright flowers peeping through ornate wrought iron railings, are believed to have inspired Nobel prize-winning Colombian … Continue reading

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