Bikes and booze in Bariloche


The stunning view of lake Nahuel Huapi

On a quiet road with a stunning backdrop there can be no better mode of transport than two wheels.


It’s easy to see why Che Guevara fell for the lush forest and blue waters

Situated on the Argentina/Chile border it is easy to understand why Che Guevara once dreamed about settling down in Bariloche next to beautiful Lake Nahuel Huapi.

In the diary of his epic journey through the Americas aboard his Norton 500cc motorbike he wrote that he imagined a life “catching fish from a little boat and making everlasting excursions into the almost virgin forest”.

Six decades later the chocolate box town and its startling surroundings still ooze with striking beauty.


Nice sash Soph…

Unfortunately Sophie and I are unable to find a Norton 500cc classic but we manage to get our hands on the next best thing – a pushbike.

In some respects it is better than the motorised version, the lack of engine noise gives us a chance to truly appreciate the tranquility around us as we set off from kilometre marker 18 on the famous road that loops round the entire lake.

When we begin climbing the first of many hills, however, we are both jealous of the engine power that Che and his travel partner Alberto enjoyed when they visited.

We traverse fast-flowing rivers and gawp at the luxurious hotel for the rich and famous which burned down just a year after it was finished in the 1930s and then rebuilt out of bricks instead of wood.


mmm beer!

Cycle ride complete we look to put back on the calories we have just burned on the hilly ride by sampling a stout that has just been voted the best beer in Argentina.

Tastes pretty good to me.

Our binge continues when we return to Bariloche to sample the town’s famous local ice creams and chocolates.

They are delicious and Sophie even discovers a bar of chocolate that is seemingly named after her – the “Princess Soffi.”

The following day we are back on the bus, taking in yet more stunning scenery as we wind our way northwards, happy to be scaling the hills from the comfort of a coach.


Very tasty! The delicious Princess Soffi chocolate bar


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2 Responses to Bikes and booze in Bariloche

  1. Beautiful photos – thanks for sharing!

  2. Tony C says:

    I can see why you indulged in the Princess Soffi ice cream seeing as there is ‘wisky’ in the ingredients.
    A pity Che never got to reach his dream ‘retirement home’.

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