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Toot toot, hey, beep beep!

Driving in Latin America is always fun, if sometimes mildly terrifying, and only the bravest of drivers should attempt it. I don’t really know why they bother having gears because they seem to go from first straight to fifth, beginning … Continue reading

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Is a diet of guinea pig, Amazonian frogs legs and snake juice the key to longevity?

Shanta winks as he slams a giant jar containing yellow-tinged liquid and an unfriendly looking snake on the bar. At first glance it looks like a preserved specimen from a natural history museum, but no, this is snake juice. Sugarcane … Continue reading

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Monkey business in Baños

With his misshapen, bent arms dragging alongside him, tiny Etsa slowly shuffles across the dusty floor before gently leaning his furry head against my knee. The pitiful sight of this small brown woolly monkey is hard to watch. Etsa is … Continue reading

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The quest for the cheese factory in the Andes

A blind, barefooted old woman is garbling loudly at me in incomprehensible Spanish. She stumbles and falls into a muddy ditch. I try to help her up but she shrugs me off. Speaking a fraction more clearly I make out … Continue reading

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Having a whale of a time spotting boobies

“Oh my gosh, that is AMAZING! Did you see that??!” screeches the fellow lifejacket-clad woman to my right, as the occupants of the front side of our boat simultaneously whip out their cameras. Phil and I struggle to follow her … Continue reading

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Journey to the centre of the earth

As I straddle the equator line I discover I have a rare, utterly useless, talent. Out of the 15 people taking the 4pm guided tour around the impressive Inti Ñan Solar Museum only one other shares my seemingly magical power … Continue reading

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Puffing to the top of Rucu Pichincha volcano

It feels like I am getting nowhere as I desperately try to make progress through the thick sand under foot.

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