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Fire and Water in lovely Lima

“Okay, okay, I’ve got one,” I tell Phil with a grin, rubbing my hands together gleefully. “When…is our anniversary?” Silence. Phil looks nervously left and right. He scrunches his face up with a sort of pained wince and even looks desperately at the … Continue reading

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“Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty…”

It is 5.45am in a dusty bus terminal somewhere near the Chile / Peru border. We are the only gringos in town. Trying to reawaken drowsy, sleep-deprived senses after a shaky overnight journey across the Atacama I order a couple … Continue reading

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We’ve been sleeping around way too much this year – hello bed number 100

Hostels, hammocks, tents, floors, sofas, bus seats. That’s where we’ve been getting our night’s shut eye for the last nine months. We celebrated our 100th resting place and 262nd sleep on the road in a little cottage on Amantaní Island, Lake Titicaca. … Continue reading

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Partying with the Amantaní islanders on Lake Titicaca

I feel like a Second World War evacuee waiting for someone I have never met to welcome me into their home. Fortunately a kindly-eyed, smartly dressed old man finally beckons Sophie and I over and leads us up a hill … Continue reading

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Peru’s floating reed islands on Lake Titicaca

Leaping off the boat I fear for my ageing knees, but fortunately my landing is cushioned by a spongy floor made from hundreds of thousands of totora reeds. At 3,809 metres above sea level, the island of Jachatata couldn’t be more … Continue reading

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Trekking 90km past “Savage Mountain” to Machu Picchu

“Give me my wallet, you psycho b****”, the deep male American voice growls through the darkness, soon replaced by the sound of a woman whimpering. If there is anywhere I would like to avoid having a blazing argument with a … Continue reading

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Video: Teaching English in a shanty town in Peru

We borrowed a camcorder to tell the story of a little Peruvian school that is trying to give youngsters living in a shanty town a better chance in life.  

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