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“Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty…”

It is 5.45am in a dusty bus terminal somewhere near the Chile / Peru border. We are the only gringos in town. Trying to reawaken drowsy, sleep-deprived senses after a shaky overnight journey across the Atacama I order a couple … Continue reading

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Horseplay around the forest beach

“That was fun,” I said to Sophie approximately three seconds before my forehead collided with a wooden beam, then another and then a third – just to ensure that my glasses fell off and that I had a headache for the next couple of hours. I … Continue reading

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Fang-k goodness we made it to the Amazon…

Greetings humans, This week we have mostly been admiring the glorious waters of the Tapajós River, which empties into the Amazon, from our wooden hut on stilts by its beach. The bathroom’s in another small hut about 50 metres away though, … Continue reading

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Ripping up the itinerary

“Let’s do it,” says Sophie. And that was as much as it took to rip up our carefully (ahem) budgeted itinerary and launch us on a 30-hour journey involving four different buses across three states of Brazil. An Argentinian couple … Continue reading

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Turtle power! The plight of the Hawksbill hatchlings

The warm sea water rushes in over my feet and I stand frozen to the spot, aware that any sudden moves could result in an eco-conservation disaster. As the wave subsides, a small dark brown blob resurfaces and I breathe … Continue reading

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Turtle-spotting in tranquil Trancoso

Bobbing in warm water inches above the ragged stretch of reef, I glance around to try and find what had looked like a piece of brown cardboard floating in the sea. Moments later my heart skips a beat as a tiny head peers out … Continue reading

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A stroll on the wild side in Ilha Grande

“Phil, you’ve killed it!” I squeal as the large chunk of coconut biscuit disappears down the small black hole in the sand… For the past ten minutes I have been ‘papping’ a crab who has been periodically trying to pull … Continue reading

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