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Not quite the World Cup: ‘Hot pants’, haircuts and prayers, playing rugby Peru style

As the fireworks begin, turning the all black Auckland sky into a dazzling celebration of colour, I feel a little alone. When I discovered that a little drinking hole in the Peruvian city of Arequipa was  screening the Rugby World Cup … Continue reading

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Teaching English in a South Peruvian shanty town

“Carga, carga,” beg Dario, his brother Diego and their cousin Katy in unison. It’s time for the daily dilemma… Who gets the piggy back to the gravel road? “Come on then Katy,” I decide, mainly because she looks like she’s … Continue reading

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Toot toot, hey, beep beep!

Driving in Latin America is always fun, if sometimes mildly terrifying, and only the bravest of drivers should attempt it. I don’t really know why they bother having gears because they seem to go from first straight to fifth, beginning … Continue reading

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Shiny teeth and ancient temples in Trujillo

Covered in sequins and sashes, Miss Brazil’s pearly whites gleam in the mid-afternoon sunshine bathing the Pacific coastal Peruvian city of Trujillo. One of a dozen lucky lasses chosen as a queen in this year’s Primevera (Spring) procession through the … Continue reading

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