A tale of two toothbrushes

This is the story of our two toothbrushes, Basil and Kate… Two restless toothbrushes unable to settle on the bathroom shelf…

Their restlessness made no sense. The shelf was clean and wide. It was attached to a nice shiny mirror in a warm, safe house in Birmingham, but for some reason our toothbrushes weren’t happy.

Despite its beautiful appearance these dedicated enamel preservers weren’t meant to be with the bathroom shelf… No, they preferred the bit of bathroom rough… The dirty, stained old washbag.

Night after night the restless toothbrushes diligently got on with their scrubbing business. But when we tried to put our brushes down in the home we’d made for them on the shelf they bristled with anger and begged for the bag.

So, we decided not to fight our brushes anymore.  We’re letting them live their lives the way they want, by giving them the washbag for a good while without trying to force them to live in one place…

The toothbrush tour of South America started on February 24, 2011…

7 Responses to A tale of two toothbrushes

  1. Jo Ind says:

    I’m so excited. I can feel the tingle already. Your toothbrushes are going to have such fun/get lost/get lent/get used for getting stones out of the bottom of boots.

  2. Jo Davis says:

    Wow Phil, you little devil you! You’re living the dream. So glad you’re doing a blog and will certainly keep checking back for updates – I’ll be living vicariously through you. Take care of yourself! Jo 🙂

    • Hello Joey!

      Lovely to hear from you me old hack partner :-)…

      So, yep, finally found someone crazy enough to join me on a little adventure and took the plunge!

      This blogging malarky is all a bit new to us so we’re still finding our feet, but will definitely try and keep it going and certainly value the thoughts of such an esteemed journo and fellow traveller 🙂

      Take care ya’sel’ Philx

  3. Dave says:

    Hi Mate

    Nice pics !! love the cross dressing . Hope you are staying well and my pills are helping……………….if you know what i mean !!


  4. Davos! Pills working a treat thanks Doc… If you know what I mean ;-)!!!!

  5. juuyes says:

    How are your toothbrushes handling the journey? I would imagine they would be a little worn by now!

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