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Halloween Special: Broken glass and four stitches, the Nightmare on La Salle Street

Foot soaked in blood, devil horns flashing above the rugby grazes on my forehead I look every inch a frightening Halloween monster. But unfortunately the deep red stuff running across my right sole isn’t fake, it’s oozing from a real … Continue reading

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Doin’ it “doggy-style” in Arequipa

Christina Aguilera and Leonardo DiCaprio strike a pose in their special outfits – a princess costume for her and a swish tux for him – before digging into the beautifully decorated chicken liver cake placed on the table before them. … Continue reading

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Not quite the World Cup: ‘Hot pants’, haircuts and prayers, playing rugby Peru style

As the fireworks begin, turning the all black Auckland sky into a dazzling celebration of colour, I feel a little alone. When I discovered that a little drinking hole in the Peruvian city of Arequipa was  screening the Rugby World Cup … Continue reading

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Shiny teeth and ancient temples in Trujillo

Covered in sequins and sashes, Miss Brazil’s pearly whites gleam in the mid-afternoon sunshine bathing the Pacific coastal Peruvian city of Trujillo. One of a dozen lucky lasses chosen as a queen in this year’s Primevera (Spring) procession through the … Continue reading

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Is a diet of guinea pig, Amazonian frogs legs and snake juice the key to longevity?

Shanta winks as he slams a giant jar containing yellow-tinged liquid and an unfriendly looking snake on the bar. At first glance it looks like a preserved specimen from a natural history museum, but no, this is snake juice. Sugarcane … Continue reading

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Clay, metal, beer, gunpowder… Surely the greatest pub game ever invented?

I fear pool won’t quite cut it for me anymore, for I have experienced the incredible Colombian bar sport of Tejo… “There’s only one place in town where you can play it,” says our jovial hostel owner Hemmie. “But they … Continue reading

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Anthem for the most confusing transport map in the world: The Transmilenio in Bogotá

In the late 20th century the powers that be in Colombia decided to build a new transportation system in Bogotá to try make getting around a bit easier for the good folk living in this sprawling city and to reduce the pressure … Continue reading

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